I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008. In November of 2017 I went to Kat seeking relief from disease. She started me on weekly acupuncture treatments. In our first session I realized Kat was unlike any other health professional I had ever met. She listened to me. She took the reports of my symptoms seriously. Never did she discount my experiences like many doctors I had seen in the past. She performed acupuncture and relieved my stress and actually diminished the severity of some of my limb numbness. But Kat did so much more than just acupuncture. She opened a dialogue with me about nutrition and well being. She shared her years of research with me. Without being preachy or pedantic, she made me aware of so many changes I could make and made me feel empowered to initiate these on my own. Since seeing Kat, I have dramatically decreased the inflammation in my body, which has made me more energized, improved balance in my legs, and sharpened my mental focus. I have lost over 30 pounds since I started seeing her! Kat is responsive and supportive in our correspondences, which goes a long way in keeping me motivated. I cannot recommend her enough.

—DH, 35


Thank you so much! You fixed me.

—JJ, 35


I had periodic wrist and shoulder pain, triggered by CrossFit exercises. I had tried stretches, braces, and other possible solutions, to no avail. I don’t like needles, so acupuncture was not an option. Kat offered a needle-free treatment of cupping instead. After just one session, I noticed immediate improvement in my workout the following day. Would definitely recommend for any level of athlete and/or workout enthusiast.

—MA, 34


Kat is the only person who has ever truly helped me resolve my chronic health issues. I have had skin issues and impaired detoxification for as long as I can remember and I have literally tried everything with no results. Until I began working with Kat. She not only truly cares about her patients and is utterly committed to their getting well, but she also educates each patient so that they can continue on their journey of self-healing for years to come. She is able to deconstruct any disorder you have, and explain it in the simplest way so that it’s not scary and overwhelming to deal with. That is invaluable, in my opinion. I learned why I was imbalanced and exactly how to fix it with very common-sense approaches. She uses nutrition as the cornerstone of her healing approach and also offers acupuncture, cupping, whole food-based supplements as reinforcements. She is a wealth of knowledge. Honestly, there has never been a topic I’ve brought to her that she didn’t seem to be an expert on. And what she doesn’t know, she researches until she’s an expert on it! I’ve never met someone who is so committed to her work. If you’ve been struggling with health problems and tried everything to no avail–do yourself a favor and go get cured with Kat.

—KD, 35


Working with Kat Farovitch has completely changed me for the better! I was having some serious stomach issues along with weight-loss challenges and by having Kat introduce MRT testing to me, I now have a completely customized diet plan to avoid the foods and chemicals that were making me feel sick and inflamed. The results I personally noticed from following the diet strictly: Eliminated all of my headaches, indigestion, and teeth sensitivity, I finally was able to lose 15 lbs, it regulated my menstrual cycle, I’m sleeping so well and just a lot of other little things. It’s been 6 months since I got my results and I’ve never felt better! It’s completely worth the money & commitment because if you’re not feeling good in general, it’s most likely the foods you’re eating. This test can TELL you what is making you sick and then Kat can help you understand the results and how to work them into your lifestyle. I can’t recommend her and the MRT test enough. Thank you Kat!!!

—EG, 35


Kat is absolutely focused on you. She is a great listener and solution-oriented. She is a wealth of information! She is extremely intuitive! After having various symptoms, she did an Intuitive Reading for me and told me I had mold in my apartment. I really didn’t think I did. Then, I checked the apartment and did in fact have a leak and black mold growing in the closet! We got rid of the mold and my “allergic” symptoms improved almost instantly! Kat’s recommendations are always spot on. She suggested I try earthing/grounding and I started having the best sleep (after suffering from horrible insomnia!) and was better able to concentrate on my studies. If I have a food or supplement question, she is really great at remotely muscle-testing for what I need and she is always on point. And the greatest thing about Kat is that she wants your wellness as much as you do! She is truly invested in you and absolutely in tune.

—TL, 36


I’ve been under Kat’s care on and off for the last three plus years. She has helped me tremendously in overcoming sometimes debilitating ailments. I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis which presents rarely in the stomach and had caused me serious illness and a journey through the medical industrial complex in search of answers and solutions. I was put on heavy medication and experienced over a year of uncertainty, side effects and illness. Through modification of lifestyle and diet I was able to overcome this disease and be asymptomatic for long stretches of time. I have experienced relapses of stomach pains and general fatigue and distress after having met Kat. She was able to treat my symptoms and give me great relief whenever I would have an episode. Her approach is holistic and the time she took to understand me as an individual and all of the potential causes, internal and external, allowed her to really focus on treating the whole patient. Primarily through acupuncture she was able to give me great relief. Kat is extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to understand her clients. I’ve never met a practitioner such as Kat who is so invested in her clients that she will spend countless hours doing research and find the best approach to their care.

Part of Kat’s approach in treating my stomach issues and inflammatory issues was to recommend MRT (Mediator Release Test), which is an advanced food sensitivity test. This told me on a scale which foods and substances my body is most sensitive too. Turns out coffee and a few other foods I consumed regularly were very reactive for me. Modifying my diet accordingly produced immediate, profound results. She worked with me to understand the results and make recommendations on what to avoid and/or eat alternatively. She tracked my progress over many months and really helped me along, as it wasn’t easy to give up coffee. I was slowly able to reintroduce some of these foods and moderate.

I also broke my arm in a fall a couple of years ago and experienced severe pain and distress for many months. This also caused neck pain and phantom pains throughout my body. Whenever this happened Kat was quick to see me and relieve the pain. She would apply the many tools in her arsenal and her wealth of knowledge to get to the true source of the problem, many times not what I expected. She has a breadth of experience and know how which I value very much. Beyond that her calm and thoughtful approach always puts me at ease, even in times of distress. She is reliable and trustworthy. Kat is an amazing acupuncturist, care giver and all around wellness bad ass!

—BJ, 41


Kat has singlehandedly revolutionized the state of my health and overall well-being! She has such a well-rounded amount of information, whatever issue I may have she can help find me a solution. I trust her advice emphatically. She is extremely research-based and basically has a photographic memory for anything she’s ever studied. Kat educates me on the holistic picture of my healing. Nothing is ever just a band-aid fix, she gets to the root cause to truly heal my health issues. For the longest time, every few months I would wake up with a stiff neck. Luckily I found Kat who introduced me to MRT. I was blown away that these seemingly healthy foods I was eating were actually causing my health problems. After removing these foods for a few months I was able to add most of them back in once my body normalized! So grateful to Kat for helping me solve yet another health mystery of mine! Kat has helped me figure out how to be accountable to myself and eat accordingly in order to help my body heal and work optimally. She figured out which organs of mine were weakest (low chi) and works on them during our acupuncture treatments but also helps me learn how to continue the healing at home through diet and ways of living, like incorporating sunshine and grounding into my daily routine. Who knew such simple things like those would have such a huge impact on my overall well-being!! She bases her approach to healing on nature, which always makes sense. Finally, Kat is so experienced and knowledgeable that I often don’t even need to go into her acupuncture clinic for help. I can simply set up a phone or skype consult with her and she figures out what’s out of balance and tells me how to fix it. It always helps! I tell everyone about her!

—N.J., 32


Kat is a wonderful healer and acupuncturist. I’ve been seeing her weekly and I was amazed to see after just one session, how my acne and eczema have been clearing. I’ve been following her guidance with supplements, which has helped so much with my skin conditions and overall health. I’ve noticed my anxiety I’ve been struggling with has gotten so much better after seeing her regularly. And I also have more energy these days. Kat is so great and has been so helpful in guiding me towards a healthier lifestyle.

—M.R., 29