How, you ask? With Shungite—a literal rock. Shungite is a mineral rock (technically labeled a “mineraloid”) found in Karelia, Russia (and nowhere else on Earth). It resembles coal in its raw state and silvery-blackish sparkly diamonds in another. Regardless of which type of Shungite we’re discussing (there are three main types: type 1, 2, 3), all shungite contains high carbon content. This is important because carbon is the mineral contained in all lifeforms on earth. Some forms of shungite are nearly pure carbon-based, meaning it’s a rock of pure lifeforce. Not only that, but carbon is catalytic, making it useful in conducting electricity (think: bio-electrcity in your body that makes your heart beat) and mitigating harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) in the environment, like a cell phone tower outside your bedroom, causing you to have insomnia because of the chaotic invisible frequencies radiating out in all directions, affecting your body’s bio-electrcity.

Shungite’s power and prestige doesn’t stop at its unusually high carbon content. It also contains the Carbon 60 (c60) molecule, which landed the scientists who discovered this rare molecule a Nobel Prize in 1996. The c60 molecule, also known as a “Fullerene” (named after the late visionary futurist and inventor, Buckminster Fuller, best known for inventing the geodesic dome), is a cage-like complex molecule that resembles two geodesic domes stuck together. Outside of the region of Karelia, this molecule has only been found in interstellar space—and in great quantities there. Shungite seems to be the only thing on planet earth that has naturally occurring c60 molecules—and plenty of them, at that! What does this mean? It means that shungite most likely fell from outer space in the form of a meteorite about 2.5 Billion years ago and crashed into what is now Lake Onega in Karelia, Russia where the shungite mine is to this day. This is the theory espoused by Nancy Hopkins, author, radio host, remote-viewer, and shungite enthusiast, importer, and expert.

Why is shungite and the c60 molecules that comprise it so important? Because it is incredibly effective at absorbing harmful EMFs, as well as anxiety, which seem to be global issues these days. 

Nancy has also reported on a Blue Meteor striking the shungite zone in Karelia, Russia on February 22, 2020. According to her, that momentous event upgraded the frequency all of the shungite on this planet, even if pieces were not present in the shungite mine at the time the meteor hit; due to what’s known as Quantum Entanglement. In the world of physics. Quantum Entanglement is a phenomenon whereby entangled particles of something stay connected even if there is spacial distance between them, no matter the distance.  In other words, because shungite has interstellar and cosmic orgins, it’s quantum in nature, and therefore utilizes quantum physics and quantum entanglement to stay connected to all shungite on the planet (and multiverse for that matter). All shungite is connected, so even if you had the smallest shard of the lowest grade of shungite, your shungite still got upgraded with an exponential frequency increase, and therefore you got an upgrade, too. Yay! The timing of this shungite upgrade is auspicious—to say the least—considering the entire world shut down just weeks after this event.

My personal connection to shungite began when I started researching Structured Water a couple years ago. Making energized or structured water with shungite kept coming up in my research. When I later became a distributor for a water-structuring device, I learned that it was filled with shungite, which inspired me to look into this mineral a little further. I started reading books, research studies, and articles about shungite as well as listening to podcast interviews with experts talking about it (which is how I discovered Nancy Hopkins and her radio show, The Shungite Reality Radio Show…which I was just guest-featured on! But I digress…).

In the last few months, I’ve collected all manner of shungite from different vendors around the world. I then started experimenting with it in my personal life by putting it in bath water, sleeping with pieces of it under my pillow, taping pieces to my body (on acu-points), wearing shungite jewelry, structuring my water with it, and using it on electronics to mitigate EMFs. I’ve been impressed by all of my shungite experiments so far. All types of shungite are effective at performing all of these aforementioned jobs, but it wasn’t until I began testing shungite with my specialized pendulums and measurement tools from my Biogeometry* training that I was really impressed by shungite and inspired to write this article.

*In case you’re wondering what on earth Biogeometry is, essentially it’s the patented science of using the energy principles of shape to qualitatively balance biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment. Balancing the activities of daily life, achieving harmony with our inner and outer environments, humanizing modern technology, and integrating science and spirituality is at the core of the science of BioGeometry. The effect of BioGeometrical energy appears to amplify and balance the energy fields of the body on all levels, and thereby give the body greater power to heal itself. In BioGeometry, the founder, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, has developed proprietary shapes and design principles that are used to replicate and amplify highly beneficial natural subtle energy quality. The shapes interact with the body’s own surrounding energy fields, according to the natural laws of harmonics and resonance, to introduce the energy quality balancing effect to the body’s subtle energy system, and the harmonization of energy interactions with the environment.

Okay, now back to shungite and the connection to Biogeometry: I am trained in Biogeometry and have various specialized pendulms and measurement devices that test different energy qualities, such as beneficial and harmful forms of radiation, the entire color spectrum, the lifeforce frequency in objects, people, plants, and animals. I began testing shungite and I was shocked: shungite contains everything needed to live on earth; it contains the entire periodic table of elements (minerals), the entire color spectrum, it purifies and structures water (which we’re mostly made of), it’s loaded with antioxidants which keeps the user strong and healthy and immune to free radicals, it purifies and strengthens soil so plants and agriculture grow exponentially without the need for chemicals or toxic materials, it attenuates harmful EMFs in the environment, it balances and harmonizes the auric fields and chakras in mammals, and get this–it comes from the Angelic Realm, which resonates with “spiritual light”.

In short: it is my opinion that shungite is a Black Diamond Angel sent from the cosmos to save us from our own self-destruction; from living in fear (shungite mitigates anxiety and is deeply grounding); and from harmful EMFs that are degrading our DNA, cellular structure, and water both inside our bodies and all over this watery planet. We’re nearing our own extinction, and I believe shungite will save those who want to be saved and who want to live on a new and improved Planet Earth.