How I Healed from Histamine Intolerance- Part 2

For as long as I can remember, I had symptoms of Histamine Intolerance, yet I didn’t know about this condition. The way it manifested for me was mostly in skin, musculoskeletal, and neurological symptoms: Acne, hives, itchy rashes, feelings of “pins and needles” under my skin, red and blotchy skin and anxiety, insomnia, and irritability. I also had IBS, several food sensitivities, was prone to excess phlegm and nausea, acid regurgitation, joint pain, achey muscles, and seemed to live in a hypersensitive and delicate body, in general. Over the years, I tried to address the seemingly separate symptoms with supplements and herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, flower essences, bodywork, acupuncture, chiropractic, and going to various specialists and healers, to no avail. I also radically changed my diet several times, desperate for some relief.

It wasn’t until I was traveling alone in Europe in 2016, that I discovered the condition of Histamine Intolerance and everything came into sharp focus for me, all the dots connected, and everything finally made sense—I had Histamine Intolerance! I discovered it when I reading an acupuncture book, called “The Spark in the Machine”. There was one chapter, in particular, when the author was discussing the Liver and how one of its responsibilities is processing histamine in the body. At that point in my life, my only reference point for histamine was in the context of “anti-histamines” for allergies. The author made several references to Histamine and Histamine-rich foods, all of which were abundant in my diet and had been for most of my life. I quickly put the book down and googled “histamine and food”, “histamine and skin conditions”, histamine and insomnia” and much to my surprise there was a whole universe of Histamine that I had never heard of in all my years of practicing medicine and searching for the root cause of my symptoms. I spent the rest of the trip researching Histamine Intolerance like my life depended on it. I immediately changed my diet, ordered all the histamine-reducing supplements, and spent the next three years of my life, obsessively researching this condition, talking about it with others, joining all the online forums around it, and basically living in even more restriction and fear than I had ever before.

As a Licensed Acupuncturist and Holistic Nutritionist, I should have known better. I have such a  strong understanding and deep appreciation of the human body and spirit. I know that the Mind-Body is incredibly powerful and the most sophisticated computer on planet Earth. I also practice Medical Intuition and have a strong spiritual practice that directs my life. When I calmed down, got quiet, and asked my intuition (which is really just having direct access to Universal Intelligence) what Histamine Intolerance really is I got a very clear and simple answer: It’s Liver Disharmony.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, the Liver is a very important organ and “disharmonious” in most people living in the modern world. Put simply, the Liver is the organ that mostly deals with stress. This stress can be physiological, environmental, and/or emotional. So, it is a very busy organ with many responsibilities and can easily get bogged down and thus start hypo-functioning. Naturally, my focus shifted to healing my liver. I started researching Liver Pathology from different perspectives, giving myself regular acupuncture to heal my liver, I took herbs and supplements that were liver-supportive, but I still continued to have histamine symptoms.

One day, not long after I was in the liver-healing mode, I was driving alone, listening to Abraham-Hicks, my spiritual teacher. They were talking about how everyone’s “Inner Being”, AKA the Soul, loves unconditionally and sees only the perfection in everyone and everything. Since following their teachings for the last decade has brought so much peace, joy, understanding, and abundance into my life, I had the hunch to apply their teachings to my “unhappy liver”. I asked my intuition to connect me to my Inner Being and give me the feeling of unconditional love: Immediately I began singing “I love my liver! I love my liver! My liver is so perfect and resilient and strong! It can handle anything! It does so much for me! I love my liver…!” I was so weirded out by this seemingly involuntary breaking out into song, that I pulled my car over. I asked my intuition if this was in response to my asking for the feeling of unconditional love and I got that it was. I was covered in chills and became very emotional. I began crying. My feelings were mixed—I felt both sadness, grief, and shame for being so unappreciative of my liver all these years but I also equally felt immense love and appreciation for this profound experience I was having as I knew it was deeply healing for my loving liver. I cried and sang the “Liver Love” song for another 15 minutes in my car. I’m sure if anyone heard or saw me in these moments, they would’ve called the authorities and had me institutionalized immediately. But, I didn’t care nor could I even control what was occurring. Soon after I calmed down, I had the hunch to ask my intuition if I still had Histamine Intolerance. Much to my surprise and delight, I did not!

That same evening, I went to Whole Foods to do my weekly food shopping. Normally, I muscle-test for myself which foods are best for me at this time and which foods to avoid. My diet had become so restrictive and boring in the last year, I was so accustomed to buying the same few foods but on this night, I asked about foods I had been sensitive and reactive to (such as eggs and dairy). Amazingly, I got that they were beneficial for me! I started out trying eggs the next morning for breakfast. Normally when I would eat eggs, I would immediately get shortness of breath, itchy skin, a red rash and/or acne, and nausea. I waited to see if any of these symptoms presented and they did not. I was astonished. I had eggs the next day and the same thing—no reaction. Then I tried dairy and had no reaction. I was healed.

What I concluded from this experience was that my focus on the problem—my “diseased” liver—was perpetuating it and keeping me in fear, feeling frustrated, helpless, and hopeless which is fundamentally unhealthy. Health, to me is expansive, loving, joyous, abundant, and free. The way I had been living for the last 3 years while I was hyper-focused on Histamine Intolerance was the opposite of that. The condition actually has the word “Intolerance” in it! Duh. As soon as I shifted my focus on loving my liver and appreciating its strength and resiliency, I had a quantum healing. I also shifted how I thought about Histamine. Histamine is simply a hormone that our bodies release in an effort to self-protect. It’s not the bad guy! It’s just the [chemical] messenger. Everyday now I tell my liver how much I love and appreciate it. As a result, I am happy and healthy and histamine-TOLERANT!